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Avaya one-X v2.5 Installation & Configuration in Windows 7 (64-bit) Guide

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How to install and configure Avaya one-X v2.5 on Windows 7 (64-bit)


  • Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Access to Hitachi Network



  1. Go to \\\dfs01\San\San-Tree\Groups\Ivan Colon\Avaya\ and retrieve the following files:
    • Avaya one-X v2.5 Installation & Configuration in Windows 7 (64-bit), Rev 1.1.doc
    • Avaya one-X Communicator Agent User Guide.doc
    • AVAYA – Hitachi Agent to Station Mapping Jan 2013.xlsx
  2. Extract the zip file and drill down to the executable file OneXAgentSetup.exe.  Run the executable to install Avaya one-X
    • a. Click Next to continue with the Setup Wizard.
    • b. Check the box next to “I accept the terms in the License Agreement”.  Click Next.
    • c. Enter your name in the Full Name field.  Click Next.
    • d. Click Next to install to the default directory:  C:\Program Files (x86)\Avaya\Avaya one-X Agent\.
    • e. Click Next.
    • f. The Language Pack defaults to English.  Click Next to continue.
    • g. Enable the "Click to Dial in Internet Explorer" and "Click to Dial in Mozilla Firefox" features.  Click next.
    • h. Click Next.
    • i. Choose TTY device Baud Rate of 45.45. Click Next.
    • j. Click Install to begin the installation.
    • k. Check the box where it says “Launch one-X Agent when setup exits.”  Click Finish.


  1. Configure System Settings during the initial launch of Avaya one-X.
    • Go to System Options.  Select System Settings from the drop-down menu.
    • Phone Numbers:  At the System Settings window, select Phone Numbers.   From here you can add your desk number in the bottom field by clicking on the “+”sign.  Note:  Be sure to create one for your Desk, Cell and Home (whichever applies).
    • Login (Station Login, Agent Login):  At the System Settings window, select Phone Numbers.  
      • Station Login: Select the Telephony tab
        • Extension:  <enter your station login ID>
        • Password:  1234 (default)
        • Server Address:
        • User Type:  Agent
        • Place and receive calls using:  Other Phone
        • Telephone at:  <select your login location from the drop-down menu>
      • Agent Login:  Select the Agent tab.
        • Agent:  <enter your agent ID>
        • Password:  <same as your agent ID>
        • Default Agent state upon ACD connection:  Auxiliary
      • Dialing Rules:  At the System Settings window, select Dialing Rules. 
        • Number to dial to access an outside line:  9
        • Number to dial for long distance calls:  1
        • Number to dial for international calls:  011
  2. Click OK to save your settings.
  3. Configure Agent Preferences.
    • Go to System Options.  Select Agent Preferences from the drop-down menu.
    • Call Handling.  Select Call Handling and enable all three features:  Consultive Transfer, Consultive Conference and Auto-Hold (default).  The Flash icon option is also enabled by default.
  4. For Remote Users:  This section is intended for those working remotely and need to change their login location.  This assumes that you have already configured the System Settings beginning on page 12.
    • Launch Avaya.
    • Click on Change Login Settings.
    • Avaya21.PNG
    • This will take you back to the Station Login window.  From the “Telephone at” drop-down menu at the bottom, select your login location.
    • Click on Save Settings & Log in.
    • The normal Agent Login will continue as normal.  Note:  The caller ID is 858-304-9200.

Additional Notes

Avaya was designed for Windows XP and will not run on a Windows 7 Operating System. Avaya one-X will replace this version and is designed to run on Windows 7 (64-bit). You will use the same credentials you did before with the original Avaya.


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